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Minisrty of Env. Forests

Govt. of India

Directions issued under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 by the State Government;(25/03/2015)


Declaration of Chorla Ghat area in Madei Wildlife Sanctuary as a "Plastic Free Zone". No.102-10-2014/STE-DIR/1763 dated 16/03/2015 pdf
(4) Ban on Plastics during the exposition at Old Goa. No.3-273-2014/STE-DIR/1197 dated 19/11/2014


(3) Directions regarding firecrackers. No.7/4/98/STE-DIR/Part II /743 dated 30/08/2011



Directions regarding Plaster of Paris Idols. No.3-108-2005/STE-DIR/620 dated 24/07/2008


(i) Addendum to the above directions. No.3-108-2005/STE-DIR/877 dated 02/08/2010 pdf
(1) Directions regarding 'disposal/littering' of plastic carry bags and PET bottles in  places of touristic importance in the State. LS/MISC/1915/96/Part/589 dated 31/07/2002 pdf
(i) Amendment to the above directions, 2003. LS/MISC/1915/96/Part 1/1131 dated 10/01/2003 pdf
(ii) Amendment to the above directions, 2004. LS/MISC/1915/96/Part II/1166 dated 23/02/2004 pdf
(iii) Amendment to the above directions, 2013. LS/MISC/1915/96/Part I/253 dated 24/05/2013 pdf


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